Non-standard html tags in space-pen?


I was trying to replace an iframe tag with a webview tag and I wasn’t able to simply switch them in my space-pen view. The code below fails with the @webview as an undefined function. Is there a syntax for using a new tag with space-pen?

@content: ->
  @div class:'browser-page', tabindex:-1, =>
      outlet:   'iframe'
      class:    'iframe'

I love the space-pen simple syntax. I absolutely don’t want to use a separate file as a template. I guess I’ll have to use straight html with jQuery.

Edit: I found the answer. It was a case of not RTFM. See


RTFM? Why should I RTFM? I know how to F!


I was curious, so I looked, and it seems the sentence in question is this:

If you need to emit a non-standard tag, you can use the @tag(name, args…) method to name the tag with a string:

@tag 'bubble', type: "speech", => ...


Hardee har har.