Non-scrollable (and scaled) mini-map


I’m a keen user of a mini-map feature, but I find it annoying that I have to scroll that map in longer source files. I remember that Kate editor had this map static (non-scrollable), so it always had a full document view. It would be nice to have that ability in Atom as well, since it speeds up navigation a lot (a single click instead a series of scrolls and clicks).

I realize that this view type would require a rescaling/resampling of a current mini-map, and that in turn would open another possibility - to define mini-map’s width. From my experience with Kate, this rescaled mini-map (along with code change markers) is very useful as a fast navigation tool, despite being less accurate than Atom’s current mini-map version.


This isn’t something that we would be wanting to build for Atom itself, since the current minimap package is doing such a great job already. Have you considered submitting an enhancement request to the existing package?


Thanks for directing me to a appropriate place. I wasn’t sure where to post about that feature - now I’ll know better.