Non-english keyboards and Atom hotkeys


After reinstalling Atom after a long time of not using it, I’ve noticed some incompatibilities with the Spanish keyboard of my laptop.

Seems that the problem is that Atom team is profusely using the ctrl+alt combination as shortcut modifier for Windows and Linux. In my experience, this is not a good practice, since many non-english keyboards use that key combination for special characters.

To use my problem as an example: spanish keyboards usually have a special key called “Alt Gr”, that is used to as a third modifier for the keyboard. It is in fact a shortcut for ctrl+alt, and some important characters are mapped there, for example, the “@” is AltGr+q or ctrl+alt+q. This char is not reacheable in Atom, since the editor overrides this combination.

Of course you can override this behavior on the keymap.cson file, but I have the feeling that this can become an out-of-control problem if the dev keep adding ctrl+alt shortcuts.

I like to hear more experiences from non-english coders: what do you think? Anyone having this problem?


This is the central issue collecting all the keykombo deficiencies:

Some workaround it by overwriting the native keykombos, but really it is just a workaround…

But to be able to use atom in the mean time, please refer to the above issue, where the workarounds are listed, and pick the one which is the best for you.

Also the “Alt Gr” thing is really windows specific, if I understand it right.
The other problem is that atom switch locales (any locale -> US), once the Ctrl key is pressed.
Also it does not support shift, so Ctrl-/ can’t be reached on some locale keyboards, where ‘/’ char is Shift+7 (german), or Shift+6 (hungarian), etc.

Hope it helps.


Oh, thanks klaszlo. Didn’t found the thread on the first search. Any admin can close this thread, since my intention was to start a discussion that is already ongoing. Thanks!