Node version in Atom/Electron?


How do I find the node version in Atom/Electron? When I run apm -v it gives me this …

apm  1.1.1
npm  2.13.3
node 0.10.40
python 2.7.3

This node version 0.10.40 can’t be what Electron is using. It is really old. Also, what is apm referring to when it shows 0.10.40?


On a related note to this, when you run apm install, what version of node does it compile native libraries against? Should it compile against the same version of node that electron is using?


To my understanding, to find the Node version in Atom or Electron, you examine the process.versions structure. So for my current version of Atom, v1.4.0-dev-f159e81, the version of Node being used is v4.1.1.

It may be that apm is using a very old version of Node to execute against. But the native compilation is always against the V8 headers that are shipped with Atom: