Node.js Highlighting / Autocomplete


I recently started using Atom and am not able to find any Node.js Highlighting / Autocomplete packages.

Am I bad at searching or are there really not packages for Node.js?
Can anyone link me to one if such package exists?


I don’t see one, no. Of course, if everyone just looks and never builds one … it may be quite a while before one gets built :grinning:


What a shame, I expected Atom to have that, considering it is using Node.js itself.


Node js isn’t a language so it wouldn’t have highlighting. It’s just JavaScript which has great highlighting built right into Atom.

As to the auto complete, what exactly are you looking for? I write 8-14 hours of nodejs work a day in Atom and haven’t ever noticed anything missing (but maybe I’m missing out on something awesome here!)

Do you just mean atom having knowledge of all the built in modules (path/child_process/etc)? That could be useful.


That is basically what I was expecting.


Just use atom-ternjs :smile:.
It has support for Node.js.