Node Frameworks – how they / do they apply to Electron?


I’ve been reading around Electron to get a sense of the correct way to manage the complexity of writing standalone application in it. I’ve gathered from this Stack Overflow post and this post on the evolution of nw.js (which I know is not equivalent to electron) that ‘single page application’ is the most comparable paradigm to what one authors when constructing an electon app.

I’ve seen applications that integrate entire front end frameworks into the renderer part of Electrons logic but my question here is whether some of the Object Oriented Frameworks for organising node code can be incorporated into Electron, i.e. or

My impression on what I’ve read (namely here) is that most of the javascript logic in an electron app should reside on the ‘renderer’ portion of the separated concerns, and if that was the case then seeking a node framework would be a moot point. However I don’t know if I have interpreted this correctly.

Is there any opinion or guidance on this matter?


This is correct.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is a moot point (any more than using any JavaScript framework is so). If it is something that is helpful to you, then I say go for it.


That comic strip will be on hand forever more now, TY :smile:

What I meant by moot was if the bulk of logic (controller model separations or similar) resides in renderer, would it make more sense to follow AMD pattern for creating modules rather than CommonJS. My reading of the Electron docs was that the CommonJS pattern was more applicable to the runtime rather than the renderer.

So, with all caveats of religious framework disputes noted, if one was to plump for a framework would it make more sense to pursue a client-side geared framework, rather than a node configured framework, given that single page paradigm is the one to follow?


I’m not really familiar with the differences between AMD vs. CommonJS … and from what I can gather from a five minute perusal of various references, the differences are largely academic. My personal opinion is that one should include frameworks that help you get stuff done. I can cite examples of people using client-side frameworks like React or Angular in Atom and Electron and examples of people using all kinds of npm packages as well. I don’t really feel like the underlying architecture of either is a help or a hindrance.

But perhaps I’m misunderstanding the question because of my lack of background?