Node.exe constantly respawning, using 60% CPU


Hi -

The node.exe located in Atom’s apm/bin appdata folder has been constantly self-starting lately and using 60% of my CPU despite killing it via task manager. I’ve disabled auto-updates and telemetry in the Atom app which did not change this behavior. Any tips on what this process is doing and how to stop it permanently (or at least, while the app itself is not running)?


  • Zach


I have this exact issue as well.


Same problem here.


Do you guys use Kite? I ended up renaming the executable so it couldn’t be found by whatever was starting it. The next time I opened Atom I was prompted to install Kite (again…).


yes, there’s some kite service running which seems to start the node.exe process. After stopping all kite-related processes (for whatever reason they were running…) all seems good now.


Have you got the minimap or some kind of python autocomplete package installed?