No way to sort package searche results


I think it is a big flaw to not have the ability to sort the search results on both the package site and in the atom package manager.
I would be a huge improvement of the search function and it is rather easy to implement…


I can definitely see how useful that could be :+1: If you’d like to subscribe for updates, there’s an existing request for this here:


It is from 2015… How likely is it going to be implemented after all?


Yeah that’s an older one for sure - in my opinion, with all the work the team has on their plate this isn’t something that will be prioritized anytime soon. However, though I can’t make any promises, I’ll bring this one up with the team since I do see how useful it could be.


The code is already there, it just needs to be added to the search function.
As user Wliu pointed out here, you can do this already:
I dont see how this would be any big work, to me it seems like copypasting some code…


I see what you’re saying but making a change whether it’s large or small involves investigation (even if it ends up just being a tiny change), testing, maintenance, etc. in addition to someone stopping what they’re doing to make the change. And there are a number of issues besides this one that other folks would advocate for similarly and the team is small and can’t work on everything.

Again though, I’ll bring it up the next chance I get.


As far as I know, the web site code isn’t up on GitHub. Maybe if the source were available, someone from the community would feel compelled to soup up the search function. It’s come up a few times.


As it doesn’t to be possible by modifying the URL (ie,, I figured it’s because it’s not possible in the API. But actually, looking at the docs, it is:



It would be very helpful to be able to sort by downloads.

On the SublimeText, I find that the most used extensions are often ones that have been tested and are more complete. Today I searched for react native and there are over a dozen pages to dig through.