No terminal packages work after Atom update

I used platformio-ide-terminal however as I’ve seen on multiple threads it doesn’t work with the update. I tried a bunch of other terminal packages and they come up completely blank. I can click into the terminal window and getting a blinking cursor but that’s it.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Atom, but that didn’t solve the problem

What do you see when you open the command line, navigate to the .atom/packages/plaformio-ide-terminal/ folder, and run apm rebuild?

Reinstalling Atom won’t do anything unless you manually install 1.38.2 (download the .zip file). As you’ve seen on the other threads, the problem is with the version of Electron (and thus the version of Node) being updated in 1.39.x, so prebuilt native modules from before that can’t be run.

I have been dealing with this also. As of right now it doesn’t seem like there is a quick fix. Based on the GitHub issue, it doesn’t seem like a fix will be implemented anytime soon.

Seems the best thing to do is switch to a different IDE. I know that option sucks, but it seems the easiest thing right now.


termination now has prebuilt binaries compatible with Atom. I recommend giving it a try.

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i understand Atom devs can’t do anything about the electron update but ive been spending more time just debugging my freaking IDE than i even plan on coding with it

Termination won’t work, all terminals(or at least the 7 or 8 different ones i tried) in 1.39 and they dont respond to input, they have no output besides a blinking cursor no matter what i try, i tried troubleshooting that problem in and of itself for a couple hours to no avail, figured i’d reinstall or try some of these suggestions

i uninstalled Atom using Add/Remove, found out it didnt delete the packages, went to .atom and deleted the entire folder and then manually unzipped the 1.38 windows folder that you suggested, ran atom from there, Termination nor platformio-ide-terminal will install giving me the missing python rebuild error

EDIT: i finally fixed it, make sure its 1.38.2, after installing manually you have to manually fix the path variables or you cant use apm. if you cant get the path set up you can go to your resources\app\apm\bin in command line and apm install platformio-ide-terminal@2.8.4

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This worked for me thank you so much!

I’ve been using the atom-ide-terminal package since platform-ide-terminal stopped working.

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Thanks alot you worked for me

I had the same problem but it appears to be fixed now using platformio-ide-terminal
I’m on this version running on Linux Mint 20.10
Atom : 1.56.0
Electron: 9.4.4
Chrome : 83.0.4103.122
Node : 12.14.1