No syntax highlighting in *.html.haml files,


I don’t get syntax highlighting in my haml files.
I’m working in Rails, so the extension is filename.html.haml. Does that have anything to do with it?


Syntax highlighting for HAML doesn’t come installed with Atom by default. There is a language-haml package though.


Lightning fast reply, awesome.
I was going to complain:

but I have already that package…

No, I don’t. I have language-yaml, haha :blush:
I should take a rest.


Not getting syntax highlighting for Haml with atom (v1.27.1). Also when I search for packages related to haml I can’t find anything. Any way I can get syntax highlighting for haml to work?


Odd. When I do it, I see a bunch of results, the first of which is the language package that was mentioned earlier in this thread.


I am searching from within the atom editor.


How do I install package from outside?


I don’t think you’re searching the package registry at all. I think you’re searching your local packages under the Packages tab. You need to go to the Install tab.


You are right. Thank you. Haml package is installed and working as expected. :slight_smile: