No suggestions when opening a folder and then open the files


I am working on a node js and express application and I opened the project folder in atom. When I started editing the files I found that I only got suggestions in the app.js file which is located directly in the folder I opened. When I opened javascript files which were located in subfolders I got no more suggestions.Code highlighting however works and other files which are located in the same subfolders show suggestions, too (html, css). I do not know why this happens, restarting or reopening the files does not work. But I get suggestions as I would expect, when I open the file alone (and not the whole project folder). In the picture below you can see:

  1. Working app.js file when opened the project
  2. When I open the folder I get no suggestions in the script.js file
  3. When I open only the script.js file everything works as I expect it


If you want autocomplete suggestions for things, you have to install autocomplete-plus providers for those things. Since Atom is pretty new, there aren’t autocomplete-plus providers for everything yet :grinning:

You can find a list of many autocomplete-plus providers here:


Yeah I know that, but the problem is autocomplete works for JS Files as I expect it when opening the file only. However when I open my project, only some JS Files do work, others do not work (I get no autocomplete suggestions there). However when I open those files alone (and not the folder containing them), I get suggestions. My question was why that happens.


If you could give us some steps to reproduce the problem, we might be able to diagnose what’s going wrong.


It happens for example with this project of mine: A project where the problem occurs. When you clone it and then open the Folder PhysicsSimulation with atom and then open a file like public\externalFiles\angularMomentum\script.js from the atom folder structure menu on the left, you should get no suggestions in this file (that’s at least what happens to me). However, when you choose app.js, or you open only the file public\externalFiles\angularMomentum\script.js, and not the whole project folder, you will get autocomplete suggestions.