No snippets.cson


I wanted to edit some of my snippets and was looking for the snippets.cson file and it wasn’t in my .atom folder. I even did a file search on my computer and it didn’t find anything.


…what if -



Thanks. Btw it’s empty. Should it be empty? I don’t think it should be empty. As you can see I’m very new to this. Or maybe it should be. You see my thought was to modify the existing html snippet. If i write an html snippet will it override it. Well I’ll go test. Or i suppose i could make my own with a different name. Well thanks anyway.


Thanks for the feedback.

The snippet file being empty, is not an problem. This file is used to either add or override snippets supplied by packages. Please refer to the manual:


Your snippets file should be empty until you add to it. If you have a snippet with the same name, it will override the old one since Atom gives your local snippets file a higher priority.


Atom 1.33 (Currently in beta) has the ability to copy and disable snippets from the package settings making it easier to change or override existing snippets. See the blog post for details