No posting times on packages lists?


Not sure if this is the right place for this?

I like to keep up to date with the latest package releases and their updates, but the ‘packages’ section of the website doesn’t include any dates/times?

I know I can look at the “Recently Updated” section, but I don’t know what I’ve previously looked at.

Just adding the date/time on each post would be useful, but what would really be great would be an RSS feed for each section!


Packages section is totally unuseful.

  1. There is not date/time of first publish and update
  2. Tags are unnecessary. So by using tag-search you cannot be sure that you find all needed packages. It would be great if there will necessary categories (e.g. Language support, Editor helpers, UI Improvements, Project environment)
  3. No RSS
  4. Frontend of list - items in list are too big, and they hold many free space


Searching for RSS here in the forum I found there is an RSS feed for packages:


Thank you. That makes life a whole lot easier!

It’s a shame it doesn’t get picked up by the browser. Perhaps there could be a link on the home page in the “Keep in touch” section?


Please feel free to suggest it on the repository :grinning: