No PHP syntax colouring if <?php begins on line one of php file



I’m new to Atom and it’s a colossal upgrade from Textmate which I’ve been using for a while and a life saver from Dreamweaver CC 2014 that I use too at times!

I’ve opened a bunch of files in PHP today after installing Atom and for some reason when <?php resides on the first line of the file there's no code colouring for the entire php block of code until ?> ends the block.

If I press enter right before <?php and move the entire block to the second line, the syntax is now coloured. Am I missing something? I’m using the default One Dark theme for both UI and Syntax.

Thanks for all the help in advance!



According to @benogle, there is a fix for this in master. It should be in the next release of Atom, v0.198.0.


This has been fixed in the latest release.