No packages are working


Hello everyone!
I have three community packages installed:

plus core packages, among others:

I can see them in “Packages” menu and when click Toggle I have “The package is Alive!” message. Key binding is correct in the settings. And still none of these packages are working. No autocompletion, autoclose, nothing. Any ideas what I could do?

atom -v
Atom : 1.26.1
Electron: 1.7.11
Chrome : 58.0.3029.110
Node : 7.9.0


First, I would recommend that you update Atom. The most recent stable version is 1.30.0 and it is much easier to provide support when everybody’s installations are up to date because then we can be sure that following the same steps will lead to the same outcome. The version isn’t your problem, because 1.26.1 isn’t that old, but you should update anyway.

Let’s start with the basics. Do you see a list of open files on the left side of the screen? Do you have tabs above your open files? Can you use ctrl-f to find things? Those are the tree-view, tabs, and find-and-replace packages, respectively. If you see those things, then it isn’t the case that no packages are working.

If you want a definitive answer for whether community packages are working, you should install something that has a clear and obvious view, like project-viewer. You’ll know that it’s active because it creates a big component on the right side of your window. Autocomplete packages are very context-specific, so if project-viewer works and you still aren’t seeing the behavior you expect from the others, you will know that something is wrong with the context in which you’re trying to use them.

If you want to be really sure that a package has been loaded, you can retrieve the JavaScript object that represents a package in the developer tools (ctrl-shift-i or View -> Developer -> Toggle Developer Tools) by using this line of code in the Console tab:


Toggle on what, exactly?

It might be helpful for you to post a screenshot of you attempting to activate one of these packages.


Hi, Thank you for your time! Your questions gave me some more information how to actually look for the problem source. It actually looks like it is only atom-path-intellisense that doesn’t work like it is expected. I’m sorry for all the confusion and taking your time but I believe I know what to do next. Thank you!


That’s what I hang out here for, to provide explanations of how Atom works and figure out how to challenge people to look in the right places to find the answers they need. :slight_smile: