No Native Git Support?



I’ve just downloaded and installed Atom on my MAC. I was under the impression that Atom comes with built in support for GIT?

I wanted to be able to clone a GIT repo directly into the IDE but I can’t see any option to do this. I have searched via the command palette for “git clone” and there are no hits.

I can see that there are externally developed packages for cloning git repos but one of the attractions to Atom is that this functionality is supposedly built into the application.

I’m sure it’s just me doing something daft but any guidance would be appreciated.


Lee (Atom n00b)



The Git integration in Atom is more along the lines of information being visible in Atom (which branch is active, is a file modified or not, etc) rather than full Git operations (clone, commit, push). See the official statement here:



Thank’s for the swift response :smile:

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