No more explicit save?


I was sad to see “Your changes will be lost if you close this item without saving.” when closing a new document. Aren’t we passed the point that documents should require explicit saves? I would like atom to just keep my stuff, absent any explicit action on my part. If I decide to save something explicitly with a filename, that’s awesome! Let me to that! But don’t make me do that; I just want to concentrate on writing code, not mucking about with file dialogs.



This is also discussed in this thread - where they talk about remember your open tabs after you quit and restart:

I think this is a good idea as well - Sublime Text remembers your state - you don’t even need to worry, or think about it - you know that if anything happens, you just start it up, and all your stuff is there, as you left it.



I agree autosave would be awesome. I have to wonder if someone could write a package for that?


Autosave is a default package You just need to enable it!



This only works for explicitly saved files.

It doesn’t actually work for untitled files (which incidentally you can only ever have one of in Atom - but that’s a separate issue).

Something like SublimeText just works seamlessly - you can basically open up as many buffers, and then quit - and it will automatically open up, as you were before.

And even if it crashes - it will automatically bring back up all your files, even unsaved ones.

This is fantastic behaviour, and very user-centric



Atom does the same. As long as you open the same folder (basically the same workspace).


Well, no, not if the files haven’t been explicitly saved.

If you have unnamed files/buffers, they will disappear when you restart.

Sublime Text, OSX’s inbuilt TextEdit - all of these will actually resume exactly where you were, unsaved files and all.