No Kernel for Grammar R


Hi I am new to Atom and wanted to use it with R, since I am about to use some Text Mining stuff in a work project!

I encountered this:

I don’t know what to do with it!
My OS= Win10, SO I am confused with Kernel-stuff etc. (solutions that I found using different search engines pointed to linux solutions of any kind …)

can s.o. please help me?


Alright, after I searched a little more I found teh installation manual on
so I did this. Still no change … :-/

can anyone pleas point me in the right direction?


You’ve been Googling for “kernel” when you should have been searching for “Jupyter kernel”. If you do, you’ll find this, which is what you need.


as there seems to be some issues …

I have started installation, however there are some issues …

Can s.o. point me in the right direction/ help me :smiley:


I don’t speak German, but that output looks like it’s R-specific, and it resembles code referred to on the IRKernel page as R console input, so I suspect that you need to ask an R expert (and potentially a German-speaking one) exactly what’s wrong.