No Intellisense for Node.JS in Atom?


Is there any package that provides complete intellisense to node js like visual studio.
I am unable to to find one
Kindly provide the link.


I don’t think there’s any kind of intellisense per se, and even if there was it would necessarily be incomplete since javascript tooling is lacking by design.

My best suggestions would be a ternjs atom plugin or, if you want more complete tooling, I believe moving to typescript is what gives you better tooling in most editors also via plugin.


Actually, there is Intellisense-like support for some things, like the Atom API:

But there haven’t been many efforts that offer that much detail, yet.


i think such packages are needed now a days. like intelli J by Ideas and Visual studio by Microsoft provide such support for Node js and javascript language to some extend.


ternjs is great, I can’t think on anything intellisense can do better.


i have installed ternjs lets see…