No folder tree with `atom .` and other issues after 0.131.0 upgrade


After upgrading to 0.131.0, when I use atom . to open a folder there is no folder tree shown and I am unable to toggle it.

If I go through File->Open… and select the same directory then atom opens with a folder tree present.

Is anyone else seeing the same issue? Is there any further info I can provide to help debug?

I’m running on OS X Yosemite.


Actually, there may be a deeper problem here as I have to perform twice any action that would open an editor (ie. click file in tree twice, click File->Preferences twice, etc).

I have tried switching to the default theme and disabling any recently added packages but to no avail.


Looks like I’m suffering from (at least) this issue with the Sublime Tabs package:


I’m not currently on yosemite (I’ll be able to test tonight at home) but I don’t get this on maverick.

Have you tried with the --safe option? (in case it’s an issue with a package that became incompatible)


Disabling the Sublime Tabs package has fixed the tree view issue. Main issue I have now is that I have no tabs at all so it’s difficult to navigate between files. --safe didn’t appear to make any difference.


Ok, back to a working system now. It seems as though somehow both my Tree View and Tabs packages were disabled during the upgrade and I had to toggle on/off/on to get back to a working state.


In case any of you were following this thread:

This issue was resolved. The sublime-tabs package actually extends the Tab view, and per @kevinsawicki, there was a change introduced to the tabs package, which broke the sublime-tabs package.

Good news is: This has been fixed!

The long term goal with sublime-tabs is to get it implemented into the Core of atom, but still haven’t found the time to do something like this yet.