No ESC key on the new macbooks?


Are there any plans for the development of ATOM to include something clever for the new Touch Bar to make up for the lack of ESC key on the new Macbook Pros. I know there is always the remapping of Caps-Lock to ESC in Sierra macOS but that does not seem like a very elegant solution.



One of the great things about Atom is that you can redo all of the keybindings. So you could start using Alt+` in the places where you use Esc now, or whatever other key combination you would prefer and makes it easy to pick up the habit.

We don’t have any specific plans to support the new Touch Bar yet (especially since none of the maintainers have the hardware to test it on :laughing:) … but we’ll be waiting for it to be supported in Electron first. Once that is done, then we’ll start taking a deeper look at it :grinning: