No Download Link for Windows



I am loading up the page , from a Windows, using Chrome, IE11 and Firefox, and there is no download link for Windows, only for the mac.

Shouldn’t there be a download link for Windows - or some help text telling them where to find it and install it. Even emacs has a special version for Windows - which can be quickly found using Google:

BTW I like what you guys are doing - an emacs for the 21st century sounds like a great idea!


Actually there’s no official windows/linux build of Atom, so you either have to build it yourself or grab one of the community build such as the one published in this post:


If you click “Other Versions” on the homepage under the download link it takes you to an FAQ stating:

What platforms does Atom run on?

Prebuilt versions of Atom are currently only available for OS X (10.8 or later). If you would like to build from source on Windows, Linux, or OS X, see the Atom readme for more information.

I’ve been using the releases linked to above and whilst not as good/stable as the OSX versions it’s still pretty good.


And it’s also covered in the FAQ for the board here …

As well as in innumerable threads on the board.

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