No Developer or Community Packages


I just installed Atom from the download, 0.176, on Yosemite and I have no Developer or Community packages. So, I cannot install MavensMate or try out any other packages from the UI. Is this normal or can someone point me to a fix.

Also, when running apm install, it just hangs and never recovers, times out, or proceeds.

Here are my versions:

apm 0.128.0
npm 2.3.0
node 0.10.35
python 2.7.9
git 1.9.3


Where did you install Atom? Did you install it in the /Applications directory?

How can I install

Note that in Settings, there is one entry in the left navbar for the packages and another entry in the left navbar for installing new packages. It tripped me up, too.

Was that the issue?

How can I install

Thanks for the quick replies. Yes, it was installed in Applications, and yes I was tripped up by the by the two different places for the packages. I deleted all Atom settings and reinstalled and this time apm worked and I could install the Mavensmate plugin. I wouldn’t put it past user error and confusion, so I appreciate the help.



I came here for the same reason with the same confusion. (New Atom user, just installed it)

Thanks for the tip.

Is it worth a UI change to address this?


I was tripped up by the UI too. Package related options should go in the Packages section.


Tripped me up too. Clear UI bug.

Fix would be to rename “Packages” to “Installed Packages”, and “Install” to “Install New Packages”, and make them adjacent. Something like that anyway.


Got stuck on this one too.

+1 for a better UI …


+1 This one got me as well. I’m also finding that not all Community Packages are being listed under community packages; says I have 13 but only the ones that need updates are showing.

The GUI needs +Install to be moved under Packages.


I’m going to stand on the other side of this. There’s a whole lot of real estate in the Settings sidebar that is currently unused, and with Packages and Install sharing the sidebar, that’s one less click to get to the install page than you would have to do if it were a subpage of Packages. Meanwhile, it would be the same number of clicks to go Settings -> Packages -> Install as it currently is if you click on Packages by mistake, so nobody wins. The proposed change would do nothing more than force everybody to use that additional click whenever they want to install something.

Does this behavior persist when you close all Atom windows and reopen with atom --safe from the command line? Can you post a screenshot?


same here ^^

should be renamed