No command line Atom invocation in Mint 19.0


I have installed the Atom editor on my Linux Mint 19.0 machine (using the built-in Software Manager). While the GUI seems to work fine, I cannot run the editor from the terminal. For e.g. I cannot do “atom file1.txt”. It doesn’t find the atom command and gives the following error message:

arun@LinuxMintHP:~$ atom Documents/commands.txt

Command ‘atom’ not found, did you mean:

command ‘atom4’ from deb atom4
command ‘atop’ from deb atop
command ‘atobm’ from deb x11-apps
command ‘atrm’ from deb at
command ‘atoms’ from deb horae

Try: sudo apt install

Some websites suggested to click on the “Install Shell Commands” command from the “Atom” menu. I don’t see the Atom menu nor the “Install Shell Commands” option in my setup. Please help.


Where on your computer does the built-in Software Manager install things to?

That advice is specific to Mac users.


Yeah I’d suggest uninstalling and then installing via the .deb from or using the official package repository and see if that works: