No colours in editor


Hey guys,

so now I’ve been using Atom for a few days and until yesterday my commands in .txt files got coloured when typing i.e. “#” or “*”. Now it just stays the same colour all over. .md files work properly, but I would love to get the colour also back in .txt. files.
What did I wrong? I’m sure it’S my fault but I can’t find a solution.
Thank’s in advance :slight_smile:

My Atom Version:1.17


.txt files should be colorless, unless you’ve told Atom to do something different with them. You can configure Atom to match them as markdown, if you want.


Hm, what did I do to make it colourful the first days because I swear it has always been a .txt file :sweat_smile:.
Thanks for your quick respond, may you tell me what to fill in the blankets? (I’m sorry for asking dumb questions, mechanical engineer here - who, as you definitely can tell, has very little knowledge about programming, but really likes the interface of the program :slight_smile: ).

  '_something txt_': [
    '_something md_'

      'source.gfm': [

You can find the scope of a grammar either by looking at the settings pane for that package in the editor, or by looking at the source code on GitHub. In a CSON document, you can’t have any duplicate keys, so when you’re implementing a description like the one above, merge it into any existing hierarchy. Preserving indentation is the most important part, as that’s how the program identifies the hierarchy.


Ah, good to know.
Thank you very very much for your help!


@DamnedScholar The plain text grammar actually does define some scopes for bullet points ( @Firamis can you try using the editor:log-cursor-scope command and tell me if the scopes are reporting as text.plain.null-grammar or text.plain?


Ooo. I stand corrected.


Hey Wliu, thank’s for your time. Unfortunately neither of them as you can see in the picture. (the colors come from the code above)


In order to do this you’ll have to temporarily comment out what @DamnedScholar told you to put in your config.cson.