No central navbar?


This is a critique of the website, not the editor itself. It’s a similar but glaring issue: when going to the discussion board, the main site nav is gone. So if you go from say Home -> Blog -> Discuss, all of a sudden the nav bar disappears. I realize that Discuss is using a separate platform, but is there no way to have a nav bar still?

#2 uses Discourse and according to it should be possilbe to customize the header. Maybe not 100% the same, but at least add the links. I’ll make an issue.


Ok, the nav is now also on top of this forum, should make it easier to navigate. The nav is centered, so the position shifts a bit, but non-centered just looked strange without the right stuff.


Looks good! I suggest the nav should definitely dismiss as you scroll up, e.g. more along the lines of what you see at and – this would also be more consistent with all the other Atom sites where this header is not persistent at all times, just at the top of the page.

Another option is to make some of the links dock to header, ala which is kind of clever, but wouldn’t work for a whole color bar.


Is there an option to turn it off completely? I tried to look for it in the settings but couldn’t find it anywhere.
I use the forums separately from and have no need for the top navigation bar, for me it only takes up valuable vertical screen space. Makes it harder to read some large topics with long posts and shows a topic or so less in the overview.

I tried the radical approach yesterday and just removed the div directly from the html but that didn’t move the discuss banner to the top. Is it possible to properly hide/remove the bar with a Greasemonkey / Tampermonkey script?


You can do anything with tampermonkey (greasemonkey for chrome). I have about a dozen different scripts in my browser.


So it seems! Figured I’d give it a go. If anyone’s interested:

(Tried to make Discourse’s fancy Onebox working to show it here directly but it doesn’t seem to like my Gist)

Suggestions / improvements are welcome. :slight_smile:


@codinghorror I changed it to move while scrolling, like boingboing does. I agree, it feels better that way.

@Alchiadus With the change above, it’s now also easier to hide the navigation bar. This should work:

.atom-io-bar { display: none; }


@simurai Since you added the move-while-scrolling feature, the posts don’t slide behind the title bar in browsers other than Chrome:

This makes it so that I can’t click the Atom icon to return to the front page of the board.

Problems displaying this forum

@leedohm Hmm… strange. I saw that right after changing it, but then couldn’t reproduce it after refreshing a couple times. Do you still see it? Might be a caching issue?


I just used “Empty Caches” on Safari and that seems to have fixed it. Thanks!


@leedohm Haaa… I just came to see your answer and now I see it too. :hushed: And when checking DevTools, an inline z-index: auto; is added to the header… once I refresh, it’s gone.

I’m gonna change the <header> element for the bar to just a <div>. Having 2 headers might confuse some script.


Thanks for adding this. I think it makes a big difference in terms of making the site easier to navigate. while personally I feel it looks a bit better left-aligned, even without the right side stuff, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.


Yeah, first I had it left-aligned, but then the two atom logos so close to each other seemed a bit weird. So having it centered gave some space between them.

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