NFC doesn't work with freestyle libre

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Same situation here.
I bought Atom few days ago and it can´t read the Freestyle Libre while others nfc phones in the house can easily. I don´t want to give back the phone because it´s amazing in all other specs, but this issue is very important for me.

Please, Unihertz, can you give us some light in this case?

Thanks in advice and sorry for my english.

Hallo, auch wir haben das Unihertz Atom um den Libre 2 auszulesen. Leider geht NFC auch bei uns nicht. Hat schon jemand eine Lösung gefunden? Sonst würden wir es wieder verkaufen und zum Samsung XCocer4s wechseln.

This forum is about the free, open-source Atom code editor, not some telephone