News about electron speech recognition


there are some news about node js packages that allow to integrate google speech recognition with latest version of electron?



It should work identically to capturing and recognizing speech in Chrome.


Can you be more precise? Maybe with some link…


More precision: Electron is nothing more than the JavaScript and display portions of Chrome stapled to Node.js, so with a few exceptions, all of its browser-based behaviors are the same as you see out of the matching version of Chrome. If you Google for how to recognize speech in Chrome, you’ll find this. If you search NPM for speech recognition, you’ll find this. Either of those methods should work.

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Ok, thank you!


Did you know about this project?

A clean base for good jobs.


I didnt know it, but I’m looking for a npm package, maybe that use Google Speech Recognition…



Do you know if it works also with an audio directly from the microphone?


It says that it does.

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