Newbie, Vision Impaired, and Go

Hi Everyone,

I just started using Atom on Linux and Mac OS/X. I have two categories of questions I thought I would ask here. I thought it may get answered here, redirected to different categories, or get yelled at. :slight_smile: So here we go:

  1. I am vision impaired and require high-contrast. So black background with bright text or white text color. Do I need to download a theme for this or can I edit the default syntax colors of one of the existing themes? I would prefer if there was a high contrast theme I can use rather than to customize an existing theme as I am going to have to do this in 4 to 6 different machines.

  2. I stumbled across Atom as I was searching for a good Go editor. Out of the box, it seems to support Go in as much as it auto-completes keywords. But I thought I read in an article that for full Go support I need a module. Is that still the case?

Thank you for your consideration and help!


  1. I don’t know any themes personally, but they probably exist.

  2. No support out of the box, except for syntax highlighting (I think) and if so, maybe some snippets. Atom is very language agnostic and package focused, so you would need to find a package like this. That package also needs the atom-ide-ui package installed to display everything properly.

Scaling views might help.

Thank you for your replies. I tried a few themes and settles on i-said-high-contract-dammit-syntax. Works very well for me.