Newbie questions: How to... find css name, hide Git pop-up tab, keep menu open


New atom user. I seem unable to find the following. After some two hours searching I hope I can get some help:

Question 1. I would like to change the bright green color of folders and items in the tree-view in the project files listing in the left pane to ordinary black. I have as UI Theme ‘One Light’, so I assume it is in there.

  • setting in styles.less in .tree-view {color:black ;} seems to have no effect
  • this raises the question: what is the name of the css keyword that styles the treeview folders and items?
  • it probably is in file tree-view.less. But where is that located?
  • or where is the stylesheet of one-light-ui? In .atom I only see packages that are added in .atom, not this native one.
  • in Styleguide it shows success text to have this green colour. But files and folders aren’t ‘success’ texts, I expect?

Question 2: is there a way to hide the half round tab that appears on hover over the right side of the editor and that opens the Git panel? The Git integration is nice, but this round tab overlies the scroll bar and hinders accessing the scroll bar.

Question 3: is there a way to keep the menu bar open and not having to press the Alt key each time to reopen it?

Thanks in advance!



Oops found Q3 already in settings > core.


Yes. Right here, specifically.

setting in styles.less in .tree-view {color:black ;} seems to have no effect

You need to make a rule with a higher specificity than the existing rule that affects that text. Below is a screenshot of me inspecting one of these elements in the developer tools (ctrl-shift-i):

This will work, and covers all of your bases regarding classes that could possibly be attached to that li.

.tree-view .list-tree li {
  &.selected.list-nested-item, &.selected:not(.list-nested-item),
  &.list-nested-item:not(.selected), &:not(.selected):not(.list-nested-item) {
    .list-item {
      color: black;


Thanks a lot for the fast response! Worked as a charm!


No problem. :slight_smile: