Newbie question regarding MailMate


I’ve just taught myself Markdown, and would like to use Atom as my email editor for MailMate. Atom is included amongst the Mailmate “Bundles,” which includes applications that integrate. I’ve installed the Atom bundle; when Composer in MailMate is visible, I go to the Command bar in the client, and the Atom Editor command appears. This opens Atom, and the text I’ve composed in MailMate appears for editing.

How do I then send edited text back to MailMate? Is it a simple matter of copy/paste, or is there some integration?



I would assume that you could close the Atom window and that would let MailMate know that you’re finished editing. If that doesn’t do it, you should probably ask the folks that made the MailMate integration.


Thanks for your suggestion. Upon close, I was prompted to Save; having done that, the text pasted into the MailMate composer. The solution is saving the draft, which I now see that I can accomplish by closing the window or simply File|Save.