Newbie question - Changing working directory



  • You should really start a category for newbie’s question.
  • How do I change the working directory of the current atom windows? Is there a simple way to change it to Windows’ desktop folder?

Osh Moz.



There’s still this Project Home variable you can set:

I have never actually tried it, but intuitively I’d say that’s what this thing does.
Does anyone have any better info on this?


Even a newbier question:
Regarding your first suggestion, how do I type commands into atom?


View > Dev > DevTools or Ctrl+Alt+I will open an inspector + console like chrome.


The Project Home variable you’re pointing to @batjko is, to my knowledge, only used for where to put packages generated by the package-generator package. It does not have anything to do with the working directory that @oshmoz is talking about.


For Atom, a directory is a project. Just open a new folder (which opens a new window).