Newbie Question - Can't Install themes/packages or update

Hi Everyone,

just started using Atom and programming so I know nothing. I’m running Windows 10 x64 and 1.53.0 x64.

I have a few things that won’t work and suspect it’s the same issue:

  1. When i click ‘update’ i get the error "Unexpected end of JSON input: "
  2. In the themes section under the “installed themes” i get the same error as above
  3. When i search and try and install a theme (by clicking the button), nothing happens.

can anyone shed any light on this?


To add to the above - Atom was installed by an Admin at work (it’s on my work laptop), and I just realised that all the folders are pointing to the ‘admin’ user. i changed the folder directory for the projects to my user, closed the program and when i opened it again, it seemed to go through a bit of an install. It now points (for the projects) to my user name, but I’m wondering if it is still trying to access the admin user profile for themes, which is why it’s throwing up an error. Any ideas how to change the whole program to ‘point’ to my system user?