Newbie package customization etiquette question



I’m new to Atom and having a lot of fun learning to use a few packages and creating a few customizations. Because I use Atom on several machines, I’m eager to find a way to sync these customizations between machines.

Are there any best practices related to forking packages, making edits, then re-publishing as new packages? Is there some other method for keeping custom packages/themes in sync between machines? Mostly these customizations involve changing a few colors in a theme, or removing some elements of packages to make them more lightweight for my own needs. These wouldn’t really be pull request type things, since they’re not improvements per se, just personal preferences.




The part about syncing settings or packages is a duplicate of a previous topic:

As far as customizations go, you can always fork a package and make your own version of it. Or for things like themes you can make changes in your styles.less.



When forking and making my own version, is it frowned upon to upload that to the directory (so that I can then download that forked version to my other machines), or are people expected to run their customized packages locally in development mode?



I can’t answer that question for everyone. Personally, I don’t mind when people take what I’ve built and change or even improve upon it. That’s what open source is about, right? You should always give credit when you do fork someone else’s work … even if it is just for yourself. And if you’re just doing it for yourself it shouldn’t be a big deal at all … but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Knowing when people would get upset is hard :grinning: You can always email someone and ask!



Ok thanks! I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a generally followed way to do it that I’d be violating.

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The only time it has ever bothered me when someone forked my code was when they made a big deal about mine being broken and there’s was the only working one. What stung me the most was that it wasn’t true. When I protested on the issues page he responded and then locked the contents to get the last word. I reported his site but the report was ignored. I assume they thought it was a childish squabble.