Newbie (Me) - Game Coding


Hi, I’ve recently decided to get into game coding, one of my childhood dreams but I don’t know where to start! (what language to learn and how to learn it) I have a background in HTML, CSS, and GML (My first attempt at game coding)! Thanks for the Support!


You should start by going where industry professionals are (reddit is a good place, and there might be a StackExchange site or two) and asking them what they do. Don’t ask them how to get into game coding, but ask them what they did and do. The answer will be much more informative. If you do ask anyone how to get into game coding, they will tell you to pick any language and start working on projects. At the same time, you should build a strong background in something that isn’t writing code for games. Art? Fantastic. Statistics? Incredibly valuable. Music? Omnipresent. If you are legitimately good at a field of study that has frequent uses in the video game industry, you can write clean and functional code, and you have a portfolio of personal projects, you will stand the best chance of making an entry. There is no programming language you can learn that will help you as much as those things, and any mainstream programming language can do anything you need (GML is not mainstream, since it’s a proprietary language that only works with one program).

Also, you should learn Python. It’s fast to pick up, fast to write, will teach you valuable lessons about what it means to write good code, and is only becoming more popular and powerful as time goes on. Learn Python and write your personal projects in that. Teach yourself how to use QT to make shapes bounce around the screen and you’ll be well on your way.


Okay, I’ll google some python tutorials now, can i write it in the Atom editor?


Here is another tip …


You can use whatever software you enjoy using.


There are also some nice and capable game engines / frameworks available such as Phaser (casual games in JavaScript) or Godot Engine (2D/3D game engine with different language integrations). Also remember that you can easily target the browser environment with Web Assembly / asmjs. That said I expect browser /web- based gaming to thrive in the coming years…


For rigorous practice with a new language, the platform is pretty great. It’s not for raw beginners, so don’t use it now, but once you start feeling like you can write original Python you can use it to perfect your skills.