Newbie: Compiling C++


Hi there! So, I’m beginning to learn how to code an I wanted to use atom as my text editor however I’m not sure how to set it up to compile C++. Can anyone help? I’m using this on Mac and have already installed gpp-compiler and xcode but I’m not sure what’s the next step? What do I do to have atom compile C++?


According to gpp-compiler's documentation, that’s all you have to do. What happens when you press F5 from within your C++ document?


It tells me there was a compiling error and that the file was built on an unsupported format


I don’t know what “it” is. Where does the error message appear? Is there more text to the error?

When you’re asking for help on a tech issue, you need to be as specific as possible so that those of us reading it who may have the knowledge you lack are able to visualize what you see precisely. Screenshots are very useful for this, since there are many details that are easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking at.