Newbie: "'C:\Users\___ ' is not recognized.." error


Hi! I’ve just downloaded Atom to learn about JavaScript and attempted to run the simple ‘Hello World’ code to test, but came across the error below. I have only downloaded the ‘script’ package with atom and node.js a few hours ago.

’C:\Users\MyName ’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Any help would be appreciated!


This is probably because you have a space in your user name and script doesn’t handle spaces well (you censored your name, so I’m guessing, but this has come up before). You can run code from a different folder or try a different package to run code. I recommend process-palette, which will require you to develop a little comfort with command line instructions and then allow you to turn any task you want to perform into an easy Atom command.