Newbee strange things with folder pane, linux



Completely new to Atom, which I just discovered today, nd downloaded from the website and the most simple things block me.

When I “Add a project folder” and point to a project in my home directory, it is the whole home directory which is add , whichever dir I choose, and I have to browse myself to it to display the content of the original.

Ex : I pick /home/me/sub/project1 and I see the whole /home/me in the file pane. The same if I use “Open folder”.

The only way to have only the dir I want in the file pane is to use the context menu “Open in new Windows”.

Plus, as a first look, I don’t understand the color code of the folders in the file pane (green orange, gray ?)

Thank you for help


That’s part of the Git integration. Green is new, orange is changed, faded gray is ignored.


Oh thank you, I had forgotten that I had tried to put my home directory under git control in the past :wink:

For a moment, I thought this was the reason why Atom opened home directory instead of subdir : opens the git root.
But no, I removed the .git directory in home, colors disappeared, but the “Add Project folder” behaviour is still the same.

Does someone have an explication on this ? Bug or feature ?

Thank you,


On the ‘Add Project folder’ issue, I can’t reproduce that on Linux. :confused:

Going to ‘File > Add Project folder…’ and opening ‘/home/user/sub-folder/project-folder’ opens project-folder (with all sub folders) in the tree-view as expected for me. Is this happening on the latest version of Atom? If you have any community packages installed can you load Atom in safe mode (atom --safe) and still see the same behaviour?

If yes then, in the meantime, to circumvent the problem you could try using the Advanced Open File package. It gives an alternative method of navigating and opening projects than using the native menu(s) and, similarly, has an ‘add as project folder’ button ("+" symbol on the right hand side) which may work for you where the main menu option doesn’t. It’s also an excellent package so I recommend it anyway! :smiley:



Thank you for your answer.
I think I got the trick, after more tests, and it is linked to the open folder dialog : I have been used with other applications to select a folder by opening it and click OK, and I did that also with Atom. But in reality I suppose that the dialog component returns “no selection”. So Atom opens home directory by default.
Usually applications open the last selected folder in case of “no selection”, which is more spontaneous in a user’s point of view, even if not in a developer’s point of view. And this is why I was completely sure to select the correct folder, because I’m used to do this way.

I don’t know if modifying this behaviour would be in the objectives of the Atom’s developers, but at least I know how I can do it.

I didn’t install any package, it is the plain installation of Atom downloaded from web site few days ago, so latest version. Open a folder was my first action, and I got confused.