New wrapping feature or am I blind?


Since the update to 1.15 I have a problem, I am not able to fix by myself.

  • I am working with markdown.
  • I have a big table, that will be rendered to html.
  • I need to have NO wrapping at all, do see the table in a proper way.
  • turnin the line wrapping off, still having a linewrap… :frowning:
  • I turned off all the plugin I installed - still this behaviour.
  • Does anyone has any idea?

Two Screenshots to describe what I mean:

  • Wrapping on - Atom does what I expect!
  • Wrapping off - Atom still wrapps somehow! The table ist not readable!

Thanks a lot!


Do you have lines longer than 500 characters? If so, then this was intentional as of 1.15 to avoid Atom becoming unresponsive:

There’s more discussion about this behavior in another recent post /cc Atom Editor line length wraps at 500 chars on 1.15


Hi rsese,

thanks for that information, but this is not a feature, it is a bug! At least, if you are not allowed to config that thing by yourself.



I think they had one specific use case in mind when they implemented this restriction: minified JavaScript files, such as jQuery. I can see how a multi-thousand line long JS file minified into a single line can have a performance impact if you try to render that as a single line in Chrome without doing some form of optimization.

It seems that Atom was designed by, and for, JavaScript (and maybe C++) programmers, who think that everyone writes short lines of code that would be unreadable otherwise, and that if a line exceeds 500 characters then it must be something that was not intended to be “read” (like minified JavaScript). And if you’re editing something that’s not such a programming language then you probably shouldn’t be using Atom at all.

The reality is, however, that there are other people that have been using Atom for editing text files that are not just JavaScript or C++. Many data files are stored in text form (XML, JSON, CSV, etc., etc.) Record-oriented data can be horrendously difficult to “read” when wrapped over multiple lines, compared to the ease of reading when each text record occupies its own, unwrapped line. You scroll vertically a line at a time to examine each record, and horizontally to examine the data within a record, all the columns lining up neatly. Such a file when wrapped just looks like a horrible, jumbled-up mess.

The line-wrapping isn’t even implemented very well. I was using a package the other day to click and drag down a column to put cursors on each line so I could type in the same column on multiple lines simultaneously. It works well if the lines aren’t wrapped. However, with wrapped lines, Atom treated each wrapped line segment as a separate line, resulting in edits being made on multiple places within the same line.

Anyway, I don’t really care any more. I’ve started using VS Code, also built on Electron, but which doesn’t seen to suffer from many of the performance problems and limitations afflicting Atom. It’s working out much better that way. I’ll just leave Atom to the JavaScript hackers who make statements like: [quote=“maxbrunsfeld, post:1, topic:13820”]It’s actually a pretty useful behavior, I think, because a single un-wrapped line of code is pretty hard to read[/quote]