New User Trying to Get Atom-Beautify to work on PHP files, so far not working


Hi, I have this package:

and it seems like I need to use this alongside it for PHP to work with it:

I have the path to this designated inside the Beautify package like it says to do but after trying to beautify a PHP page I now get hit with this error: “Error: spawn EACCES” and it does not work.

After looking at previous posts, my issue does not look like the other issues reported. Thanks for any help.

Also, if there is a way to beautify PHP in another way short of writing clean code, what would that be?



What operating system are you running, what permissions are on the php-cs-fixer package, and where did you put it? If you installed it using heightened privileges or inside a protected folder, Atom might not be allowed to reach it. That’s what the Error: spawn EACCES message communicates.