New user, loving Atom, but wondering best approach to working w. a live site


I really, really love this software. :smile:

A little background on me: Just finished 8 years Army and 1 year into my Associates Degree for “Web and Software Development.”

I was previously using Notepad++ and then Brackets and now have decided to stick and stay with Atom. I really love the soft wrap features and how it really colorizes the various parts of coding. (I mainly use it for Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS and PHP.)

My question though is, since I have a personal website I started using Atom without regard for any other product right now lol and just copy and pasting the code into CPanel (on my shared hosting account.) Is there a better approach to doing this, like using a FTP client or some other IDE or something that still allows me to use Atom?

Hopefully you guys understand what I’m asking…if not I can try to re-word this lol.

Have a good day everyone!


As in update or maybe an aside, my main idea behind this, was so that I could hit save or save all within Atom and it would update to my website…since it’s a personal website any kind of security risks may be noted but, to be honest, unless really bad…I’d still like to have that functionality if at all possible.


Have you tried any of the FTP related packages? Or maybe a FUSE FTP filesystem; or maybe your OS has built in support for mounting FTP shares?


No, I hadn’t known or tried of any of the packages. Thanks very much. AWESOME. :smile:


Installing Fuse will also install SSHFS which is an awesome utility that lets you mount a remote directory as if it was a local volume. It is much easier to use than NFS. Your server will probable be ready to accept SSH so there will be virtually no setup.

Google SSHFS,