New user having differculty (code runner)


Having a hard time starting code runner. This package was suggested as helpful when using python., would appreciate any thoughts. Remembering I am new to Atom and python.
thanks for the previous help


I’m not finding any package called code-runner. Please double-check the name of the package you’re using. It would also help to provide every detail of what you’re attempting to do and what response you’re seeing.


It would also help if you told us who / where it was suggested. If it was a video tutorial or a blog post, we could go over that and see what you have been told.


Yes apologies ‘atom runner’. The recommendation was in the British (jolly good) Linux magazine. I am new to atom and finding it difficult to get to grips with. ‘atom runner’ is in atom. I just don’t know if I am in ‘atom runner’


If you have installed atom-runner and at least one version of Python, you can run Python code.

Maybe it would help if I explained how the package works. There are a lot of packages that make use of this architecture.

  1. Atom doesn’t know anything about various code languages, but it does have a rich API built on Node.JS that allows packages to make requests directly to the system shell.
  2. Packages like atom-runner, autocomplete-python, and atom-live-server use this feature of Atom to connect with external software. In the case of Python, you could technically use any Python interpreter, but atom-runner is configured to expect the standard python command.
  3. When you press F5 in atom-runner, the package asks Atom for the contents of the current file. Then the package sends that file to python, and listens for any response. If everything goes well, the package displays the response.

Can you tell me anything more specific about your difficulties?


I recommend giving atom-script a try as a possible alternative.