New user. Can I start a csharp / Java project in atom?


Apologies if this question is very common/ redundant. This is my first post and this is my first text editor. I was exposed to it through the github student package.
Usually I use Visual Studio, Processing and monoDevelop. These IDE’s create a project solution etc. within the application. Is this possible in atom?Can I begin a project from inside atom,be it java, csharp or otherwise. Or must i create it in Visual studio etc. first ,then open in atom?
Thanks for your help, I’m a very confused noob…


As a text editor rather than an IDE, Atom’s not designed specifically to bootstrap, build and run C Sharp/Java projects, but for all intents and purposes you can write code in it. There’ll definitely be code highlighting tools (although I think they both exist as defaults), and there may even be plugins out there that will build and run your apps. So, you can, it depends how much hand-holding, etc you want/need, or if you just want to get on with writing code.

It’s all down to preference. Give it a go, see how you feel. You won’t know until you try.


I’ve been using it and love it, but what i’ve been doing is starting a csharp project in Visual studio, then opening it up in atom and editing. Is this the usual workflow? Thanks so much for your response !


I’ve never written C Sharp, so I’m not really aware of the project structure that Visual Studio provides. I’d assume that it’s not the normal workflow, but if it provides you with a boilerplate for your project, then I don’t see any major reason not to.

I’d imagine the “proper” way of doing it would be by either finding a GitHub repo or npm module or Atom package that builds a core project structure for you, or produce one yourself that suits your needs. I’m sure Visual Studio properly produces some fluff you won’t need. But as a beginner, the safety of Visual Studio, definitely trumps the risk of filling your project with guff. At least until you’ve found your feet, and have an understanding of what is necessary in your project.


For C# projects you probably want to take a look at omnisharp-atom. Omnisharp is an open source code insight server sponsored by Microsoft it provides Atom with Intellisense and CodeLens for C# projects. You can pretty much just open your existing solution folder structure in Atom and it should work. Omnisharp is also at the core of Visual Studio Code which is a lightweight IDE based on Electron that is tailored for .NET projects. Atom with Omnisharp and Visual Studio Code need MSBuild XML project files and a solution file or it can work with the new .NET 5 way of doing things. You can look that up.