New Update


@rsese should i delete1.24 folder i have updated to latest ver so that I can save space


If you need the space you can if you’d like but Atom will keep 2 previous versions around and remove anything older after you update.


I have updated to 1.25 then why it isnt deleted in my case


From your screenshot you only have 1.24 and 1.25 on your system - I mentioned that Atom will keep 2 versions and delete anything older on update (see where this behavior was broken for particular versions of Atom). So if you wait till 1.26 is released to update again, 1.24 will be deleted and you’ll have 1.25 and 1.26.


Ok Thanks I got it but is there any way by default that I only get updated one not the earlier (I mean to say that after update the older version should be get deleted)


No there’s no setting in Atom for that it’s controlled by the installer framework we use.


thanks for help