New to Git/GitHub and Atom



I have decided to start using git and github and thought the easiest way would be to start using the Atom editor too.

I was wonder what the best workflow is for creating a new repo, so far I have created a repo in github and cloned it from Atom, ideally I would like to do this without having to leave Atom and go to github. So far I have managed to create a new repo from Atom locally and can commit changes locally just fine but how do I push it up to github if there is no origin?

Apologies in advance if this does not make sense, I am still coming to terms with git, the terminology and trying to understand the workflow.

Thank you.


You can’t use git entirely from Atom without a package (and I don’t know of any that have UI for all of git’s features). Atom’s integration is good, but it doesn’t include the git remote command, which is what you use to tell git to talk to GitHub. If you’d like to avoid the command line, I suggest using GitKraken. It has every git feature I can think of right now and is much better for visualizing and navigating the histories of complex repos with many contributors.


I am also new to Atom and am facing similar difficulties. Robert Sese (GitHub) wrote an email to me. I responsed to him with an email today and wait for his reply.

Second, while waiting, I checked out the Atom Flight Maual. It appears that the manual “GitHub package” suggests that Atom will push file changes to both a local computer and to GitHub.

Finally, I asked for help by submitting a new issue. I cannot find it and stumbled across Kirkkaf1 concern.

I truly like GitHub’s support.


I hope that I’ve understood your question properly…
I’m also relatively new to atom and git/github, and the way that I’ve been using github and atom is to clone from an upstream repository and push commits to it.

To clone, in terminal use: git clone<repository path>.git
To open the folder, in terminal use: atom <folder path>

Since the local folder now is set up, you can use the commits tab (right side of screen), and the push icon in the toolbar. On your first push, atom will tell you to set some things in the terminal (just follow the instructions on the pop-up).

I hope that this was helpful! :slight_smile: