New to Atom! :)


I’m new to Atom and in this community. I tried searching for answers to my questions below but I think it’s best to post a new topic.

How do I link a file to my code? ex: Is there a way for me to browse the file I want and Atom writes the source there for me? In Dreamweaver, I just press ctr+space to do this.

What is the best template for HTML5?

I hope to get answers for these questions soon. I have a lot of things to learn. Thanks!

  1. Use tree-view to browse files: The tree-view will automatically appears as side-pane if you open a folder (File -> Open Project Folder) or add a project folder

  2. Almost every language packages in Atom provides snippets, e.g. open a html file, start typing ‘html’, press tab, you have a template


There is not one in Atom and I don’t know of any packages that do this, but if you’re using a snippet or an autocomplete provider that offers a template for <link> and <script> tags, it could be that all you have to do is fill in the URL (depending on how much is filled in by the method you choose).


What I meant was when I’m typing an html code like <img src="">, instead of typing the path like img/folder/image.jpg, I can just hit a shortcut key then a popup window will show and then I will just choose which file I want. After I do that, my code will be <img src="img/folder/image.jpg">

I hope that’s you get my point.


Take a look at autocomplete-paths


This is what I am currently using for the meantime. Thanks.


Hi @dlsmizel - thanks for asking this question. I’m new too and thought this was just not part of Atom but I followed the link by @idleberg and just installed autocomplete-paths. That’s going to help my out quite a bit.
Thanks to both.