New to Atom: Support for Java + JavaScript + Ant?


I’m a long-time developer but have never even loaded Atom. I’m mostly a C# guy these days, using Visual Studio, but I also do some Java, and an increasing amount of JavaScript (like most of us). I kinda don’t like Eclipse, it’s non-intuitive and buggy. So here I am checking out a new tool. I just wanted to preface why I have such a noob question here…

I FOSS project I just started looking at has Java and JavaScript (uses ScriptEngineManager). The documentation is generated via Ant, building from executed JS code. I’d like to be able to pull this into Atom with as little pain as possible.

I’m looking for the ability to do a simple build, auto-completion, syntax highlighting in the .java and .js files when each is open, and if I can get it, support for executing an Ant build from within the editor - dare I call it an IDE if it supports all this? :wink:

I have Node if required, and can run Ant from the command-line. I know there’s a Build package here but it doesn’t quite look like it will do the job here. Note again that I’m working with existing GitHub FOSS and don’t want to completely rework the project in order to contribute.

Can we do this or should I look elsewhere?



Atom doesn’t have support for building code built-in. Atom does have support for autocompletion and it looks like there is an autocomplete-java package that you might want to check out. And yes, Atom supports syntax highlighting of Java, JavaScript and many other languages.

Does that help?