New to Atom ~ from PageSpinner

Hello everyone,

Dennis here. I have just upgraded my 2017 27" iMac to macOS Catalina. It’s the latest macOS and quite new. I’ve been using PageSpinner 5 for a number of years and am used to the instant html preview window which it generated in a separate window. The new macOS Catalina will not run PageSpinner and apparently the people who wrote it are out of business so there will be no upgrades. So I did some research on best html editors with instant preview for Mac and Atom was at the top of the list.
I just need to continue working on some projects very quickly and need to know (while I’m investigating Atom and it’s instructions) how to implement the instant preview window. Is it a package that I need to download? Is it a plugin or add on that I need to download?

Thanks for your input.



I will make some suggestions although I neither have a Mac (I use Ubuntu) and I do not use PageSpinner. But in general you can add your own custom mix of packages which offer either in editor preview or in browser preview.

Start by reading the Atom Flight Manual.

You can view a list of packages already installed by using atom package manager (apm) from command line.

Run the command apm --help to view options.

For example apm list gives a list of packages.

But I find one useful package is apm install package-list.

Now open Command Palette under Packages and type Package List: Open and you see all your packages as a gui.

Now you need to decide what languages you will be using.

There are countless packages you can research to add to the richness of Atom. I will suggest just a few which seem relevant. this will take some time of researching this forum for ideas.

Process Palette
PHP Server
Atom Beautify
Atom Live Server
Language PHP

Note that some preview packages preview with the Atom canvas whereas I do not mind previews in the browser (as PHP server provides).

In my own experiments I have
93 Built-in Atom Packages
197 Community Packages
3 Git Packages

To arrive at your own list you need to specify your required development profile. HTML, PHP, Python. This is only a part screenshot of package-list window…

Hi @d_l ,

Thanks for the suggestions and expert input. I will definitely look into this. I am also investigating Adobe Brackets but am having trouble getting their ‘instant preview’ to work. I am doing my work on my computer, which is considered a ‘local server’ I guess. And in ‘local server’ mode instant preview is unavailable. I’ll have to look into how to edit work on my web server. I suppose perhaps opening the file via my ftp client ‘Transmit’ on the remote server side?

Thanks again.