New to Atom, can I select item in preview window?



I’m just starting to use Atom, coming from Dreamweaver. I understand that Atom can do almost anything but only if the correct package is installed. So, is there a package that will enable me to click on something in the right preview pane, a button, for example, and have the matching code highlighted in the html in the left pane?

On a side note, after reading through the topics and seeing instances where whole projects were mysteriously deleted, I’m a bit spooked. This is a very rare occurance, correct?



I don’t know of any package that supports that.

Very rare, and nobody has been able to replicate it yet. I have had Atom crash on me (or my computer restart on its own) several times, and what I always do when that happens is backup whatever project I was working on before opening Atom just in case, but never once have I seen files end up blank. I would recommend backing up your files consistently anyway, because data loss can and does happen even without taking this elusive bug into account. You can sync your project folder with Dropbox or Google Drive for free, but if you want to be more of a power user and don’t care about privacy, you can use GitHub and take advantage of Atom’s git/GitHub integrations. I’m personally more worried about my laptop getting run over or stolen than Atom blanking my files because it crashed.


Thanks, Scholar!