New symbols-view CTAG definitions for a custom language?


Hi folks,
I’m developing an Atom plugin for internal use at our company. We have a custom config format, and I’d like to add support for it in Atom. I’m stuck with adding symbol search. Basically the job would be as simple as updating the symbols-view package, adding a few regexps into its ctags-config file. However symbols-view is a core package, I can neither uninstall it or replace it with my own fork, or anything like that. And of course I don’t want to submit a pull request to the official repo with our custom glibbery gibbish… So I wanted to ask if there’s any nice way of adding the ctags of a new language to symbols-view?


Hi there,

I’m in the same boat. I want to add symbols support not yet provided with the core package. How could I achieve that?



Dealing with the same problem. Did you find a solution?


actually I found no way of doing this properly, so the “solution” was to disable the factory provided package, create a fork with a custom name (symbols-view-custom), apply my changes and enable the customized package. I’m afraid atom is sort of dead. everybody is migrating to vs code.